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Looking for your own place in the sun, the house of your dreams or a smart investment? Welcome to My2ndhouse.com! Our personal approach and attention to your wishes come second to none. Not only do we offer you a very wide selection of the most beautiful homes abroad, our services are mainly aimed at helping you make your dream come true. We want to relieve you as much as possible. You can consider us your right hand during the entire purchase procedure and beyond! On
our website you will find our extensive supply in several countries.

Who are we?

Meet the team behind My2ndhouse.com; Elvis Pereira and Laura van Wijnen. With over 20 years of experience at Amstel Housing – which has various offices throughout the Netherlands – the real estate market holds no more secrets for them. Given the chance to do business abroad a few years ago, they seized this opportunity with great enthusiasm! They started by offering beautiful
properties along the Costa Blanca in Spain, but have now been able to expand their business across the border to Curaçao and Dubai. They continue to travel and expect to add other countries among which the Cape Verdian Islands and Dominican Republic to their range soon.

Our method

You can find the current housing supply of My2ndhouse.com on our website. If there is a property that appeals to you, we are happy to send you more information, such as floor plans, price lists and other matters that may be of interest to you. Next, we would like to invite you for an appointment at our office. Over a nice cup of coffee or tea, we’ll discuss your wishes and situation. Are you convinced and do you want to view the project? Then you can go, if possible, take a look yourself in the country where your dream home or investment is located, to get a good impression of ​​your future living situation. This way you can immediately get a taste of the country’s atmosphere. Once you have chosen a house, we will arrange the paperwork for you together with our local partners. For some projects a down payment is requested, but the amounts vary per project and per country, so it is difficult to give an indication. Furthermore, our services are free of charge.

Orientation trip

If you would like to view your future home, we can help book an orientation trip for you to Spain and Dubai. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible for Curaçao. In some cases we take care of the costs for the travel and accommodation! Inquire about the conditions. During this trip you can view a number of projects together with our partners. You can make a selection in advance or let yourself be surprised. In that case, we make a selection together with our partners based on your wishes. This will give you a good impression of ​​your future home, as well as the surroundings and the country where you are going to live or celebrate your holiday!

Collaboration with our local partners

When buying a house abroad, there are many things to consider. Such as finances, local taxes and permits. It's very complicated to figure out all these things by yourself. In order to serve you well in the countries in which we offer our gems, we have gathered a network of expert and reliable local partners around us. We can assist you with viewings and the answers to your questions in the financial or legal field, whether or not in consultation with our partners. In most cases, our partners will also accompany you to the lawyer, civil-law notary, the bank and the local municipality. They are happy to guide you in Dutch or English, without obligation, and always consult with our team in the Netherlands. This way we will always remain your main contact for all your questions.

My2ndhouse.com is your reliable real estate agent

The approach of My2ndhouse.com is always personal with a lot of attention for you as the customer. We learned this from the most reliable source: customers who have worked with us before. We always wonder what we can do to help you in the best possible way with a tailor-made solution. Attention for you as a person is therefore always key to us, as is the pleasure we have in our work. Do you have a question or challenge that we don't have an answer to right away? We're going to figure it out for you!

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