Buying a house in Dubai

Do you want to buy a second house or invest in Dubai real estate? This is very popular nowadays. And not without reason! The rules are slightly different from the Netherlands, but once everything is settled, you can be satisfied with the result. At we can guide you in many fields concerning the purchase process, so that you can enjoy your home or investment carefree. On this page you will find our listings. If your eye has fallen on one of these gems or if you have any questions, you can always contact us.

Why buy a house in Dubai?

Dubai is a futuristic city with an impressive skyline where one architectural masterpiece is interspersed with another. What a difference with Curaçao and Spain, where people often buy their home abroad for the climate, nature, culture and history. In a modern apartment with stunning views, or in your luxury villa, you can enjoy cosmopolitan Dubai to the fullest. It is a very safe city with high temperatures and lots of sunshine! Furthermore, it is an international business city with many expats and partly because of this there are many facilities such as an excellent infrastructure, good accessibility from all over the world and many luxury shopping centers and high-end entertainment. The economy and political situation are very stable, which benefits the investment climate.

Rules and Tax

Another big advantage of buying a second home in Dubai is that the United Arab Emirates have a favorable tax climate. For example, you do not have to pay income tax, inheritance tax or wealth tax. You don’t pay tax on the rental income either! Our partners can advise you on the tax you have to pay in Dubai and possibly in the Netherlands. The transfer tax is 4%, but the duties of the notary are performed by the government. If you will stay in Dubai for more than 30 days, you will need a visa.

Mortgage for your second house in Dubai

Under certain conditions it is possible to apply for a mortgage for your (second) home in Dubai. If you are a permanent resident and have a stable income, you can already apply for a mortgage after a few months. If you are not a permanent resident of Dubai, you can apply for a mortgage up to 50% of the purchase price of your property.

However, most homes can be purchased with a so-called ‘payment plan’. You then pay interest-free in parts, per quarter, for several years, but you can also repay earlier, without costs.

Buying a house in Dubai? is your real estate agent

The rules for buying a house in Dubai differ a bit from those in the Netherlands. There is also a different language and culture to deal with. It can be difficult to sort out the procedures and find the right way. That is why and their partners are there for you. We ourselves remain your first point of contact, but our relations help you to make contact with the right local authorities. Do you have any questions or do you see your ideal home here on this page? Then be sure to contact us. After purchasing a house, we offer you an orientation trip at our expense. This way you can already get acquainted with Dubai. Inquire about the conditions.

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